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Our operators are trained on the latest technology in the industry.

They can operate, maintain and repair any water treatment

equipment. From hands-on valve manipulation (manual, pneumatic

or electric) to computer operations of a water treatment site our team

performs these tasks at the highest level in our fast paced


Water Engineering As-a-service

GCS is proud to be among only a few companies in the water

treatment industry that provide process engineering,

fabrication, start-up, operations and maintenance as a turnkey


Scope of Services

We offer our clients superior service and cost effective solutions.

Our industrial water treatment services include technical

support, consulting, operations and maintenance for all stages

of the water purification process. We provide top quality water

purification specialists skilled to operate, maintain and repair

water treatment equipment. We also provide key operational

components such as employee training and temporary staffing.

Whether you are a petrochemical plant in need of water

filtration or a distributor in need of reliable hotshot service,

GCS is here to help.

Maintenance Services

Our skilled labor force is trained to inspect and diagnose

operational processes and equipment functions to effectively

provide a solution to any issues. Fixing or replacing broken

parts, adjusting malfunctioning equipment and performing

routine preventative maintenance are a few examples of basic

functions our team executes. We ensure building systems

operate efficiently and the physical condition of buildings,

vessels, and other structures do not deteriorate. We also

maintain good housekeeping to perform our general labor work

in a safe and clean environment.

Emergency Response Services

Our emergency response and on-site water analysis services set

GCS apart as the gulf’s most innovative outsourcing solution. A

GCS expert team is available anytime (24 hours a day, 365 days

a year) for emergency response. Our customers can schedule our

technicians to do a complete water analysis and repair to get

back on-line with one call.

Delivery Services

GCS utilizes SLH Express, LLC for all of our transportation

needs. SLH Express has established, dependable capabilities to

pick-up and deliver equipment anytime, anywhere. In most cases

same day service is available even on short notice. This exclusive

relationship enables GCS to quickly respond, save money and

delivery to our customers in any situation. Contact a GCS

representative for a quote, or visit us at:

Whether our customers rent, lease or purchase from a manufacturer

our GCS team will install any capital or temporary equipment. For a

larger footprint, our turnkey installations can also include demolition

and removal of existing equipment.

Another GCS capability is “change-outs” or “exchanges” such as

removing and replacing media, resin, carbon and membranes. We can

provide all replacement materials along with laterals, strainers and any

specialty parts.

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