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Capital Equipment

GCS is aligned with manufacturers and development teams in our industry to procure and provide any water purification equipment.

This collaboration effort is intentionally designed to gain seamless support for our customers in regard to equipment engineering design, specification, placement and quality control.

We provide cost effective recommendations and solutions on equipment for any system.

From clarification and filtration, to reverse osmosis and demineralization, we provide equipment for any job.

Rental Equipment (Temporary & Mobile)

GCS provides and operates mobile equipment for

temporary relief during plant maintenance, turn around

work and in emergency situations.

We have rental units available 24/7 offering a range of treatment options such as clarification, media filtration, reverse osmosis, demineralization and membrane separation.

Our systems are skid or trailer mounted and can be installed in any configuration with the ability to be climate controlled.

Our trailers contain instrumentation and equipment for a fullyautomated and monitored operation.

They are backed by an inventory of critical components and the equipment installation is minimal with “quick hose” and “simple utility” connections.

Installation is performed by our highly skilled

service technicians who also operate and maintain all mobile equipment.

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