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Membrane Regeneration Center (MRC)

Membrane cleaning

is a specialized process intended to ensure the projected life span of each element in a reverse osmosis system.

Over time membranes get dirty due to contaminants passing through a reverse osmosis system which causes them to stop working properly. As a result, the membranes need to be cleaned or replaced. It is much more economical to clean these elements rather than buying new ones.


The membrane cleaning industry's main limitation is the capability to test and guarantee the
performance of each element after the cleaning process is complete. Currently the industry standard is to test ten percent of all membranes in a cleaned batch. Consequently the customer is never sure if all cleaned membranes will function properly.


The MRGs unique system cleans and tests each membrane during the cleaning process therefore maintaining the expected lifespan and assuring quality of each element passing through our doors. This combination enables us to guarantee each individual element.


Conveniently located 20 miles south of Houston, down State Highway 288.

GCS MRC Office

 3413 Dwayne Rd. 

Rosharon, Texas

Pick-up & Delivery Services

GCS utilizes SLH Express, LLC for its transportation needs. SLH Express, LLC has established capabilities to pick-up and deliver membranes on short notice. In most cases, same day pick-up service is available anywhere in Texas.


Membrane Cleaning Rate Request

Contact a GCS representative for a quote, or visit:

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Membrane and Filter Replacement

Our Membrane Replacement Service is a complete solution for customers looking to have an efficient and cost effective program when it comes to regular membrane replacement. This solution enables our customers to schedule a set date for a membrane replacement service which is most convenient for them. In special cases such as an emergency, when little or no advance notice is given, our customers utilizing this

solution will be given priority service.

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