What We Do


 - We provide water treatment solutions focusing on the customer, safety and the
environment. We offer a full spectrum of services with superior field expertise and unparalleled
cost effectiveness.


 - With over 50 years of combined industry experience we develop the best and most
sensible solutions for our customer's water needs.


- We are built on a business platform of versatility, reliability, speed, and efficiency.
Our services have been refined and polished into our core competencies which now serve as a basis
for our business model.


 - We are driven by our number one goal...customer satisfaction.
Starting with the basics we help our customer achieve complex goals utilizing the simplest
solutions at a low cost.

Our core competencies include all aspects of the water purification process. Starting with engineering and planning, to fabrication and start-up, to operations and maintenance, we strive to always exceed customer expectations. We also
provide technical support, consulting and service repairs in every stage of the project life cycle.


We have an impeccable safety record with a concentrated focus on environmental

The GCS personal touch

"Only do the work you say you can do.

Complete any job that you start.

Patience is the key to success."

Jacob Alesna, President

Cell: (281) 250-1531

Email: Jacob@gcswater.com

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